Greek dance music DJ George Glytsos built his career gradually over the last two decades, riding through the waves of his home country’s world-famous nightlife and eventually becoming a well-respected DJ in the region of Athens as well as in island venues. Restless and clamorous, Gi-Orgio was born on April 1st, 1985 in Piraeus and grew up surrounded by music, particularly influenced by his mother’s extensive pop , disco and rock collection.

By the age of 15, he used to spend every summer in the picturesque small island of Kythira (GR) testing his range and skills in open events and beach parties. When he became of age he started working as a dj and a sound systems expert. His experience in the latter helped him master the craft and change level as a dj. Five years later he left his job in the audiovisual business throwing himself into music even harder than before, residing as a dj in local clubs and guest djing around the country.

After a small break he eventually started working for a business group that invested in nightlife, jump-starting his career. He re-introduced his deep house style, incorporated, Rock and Greek influences which made him a resident dj in one of the most iconic and well-established club of Athens.