The collaborative team of three Italian producers, Meduza had a massive hit with their 2019 single “Piece of Your Heart.” Combining smooth vocal hooks with a melodic house backbone, the trio’s signature song was streamed hundreds of millions of times as they became more recognized on the EDM festival circuit.

Before they were called MeduzaLuke Degree (aka

Luca de Gregorio), Matt Madwill (aka Mattia Vitale), and Simon de Jano (aka Simone Giani) began working together as a production team around 2014. The friends were all active as DJs, electronic musicians, and producers and joined forces first to make rap instrumentals and collaborate on various tracks. After a few years of casual work, they settled on a house-influenced sound and began working on new music in that style as Meduza in 2018. Their first song, “Piece of Your Heart” found them teaming with British producers Goodboys for a hypnotic, sultry tune that quickly made its way to clubs around the world. The song, released in February of 2019, was a massive hit. It was eventually streamed hundreds of millions of times and catapulted Meduza into the limelight. The trio spent the year producing remixes for Dido and Emily Warren before returning with their second original track “Lose Control” in October of 2019. The song again featured work from Goodboys but this time lead vocals were handled by Becky Hill. The song “Paradise” featuring Dermot Kennedy arrived in October 2020.